What We Treat

At Meta Addiction Treatment in Massachsuetts, we treat addiction to various substances. Our outpatient addiction treatment program in Massachusetts provides a structured and safe addiction recovery experience for individuals who have already completed a higher level of addiction treatment in Massachusetts.

The Meta Method

Addiction treatment is more than managing triggers and cravings. It’s about finding permanent freedom from the grip of substance use. Imagine spending your days without the weight of addiction hanging over your head. No more endless thoughts about when you can drink or use again. We know what it’s like because each one of us has been there.

At Meta Addiction Treatment, clients are unique individuals with unique stories and backgrounds. Therefore, we treat the person, not just the addiction.

We work with each client to identify strengths, abilities, and preferences to collaboratively identify and plan the best treatment protocols to address the client’s unique needs. We invite each client to participate in this planning and every stage of treatment to ensure a personalized, effective, evidence-based approach.

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