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Transform Your Life at Meta Addiction Treatment

Transform Your Life at Meta Addiction Treatment

In the quiet, but busy, town in Massachusetts, Daniel's life was anything but serene. Once a promising young man with…
binge drinking help

The Hidden Dangers of Binge Drinking

In the realm of alcohol consumption, there exists a practice that stretches beyond social drinking norms—a behavior known as binge…
behavioral addictions treatment

Recognizing the Signs: Identifying Behavioral Addictions

Let's delve into the realm of behavioral addictions, shedding light on the subtle yet powerful forces that can shape our…
alcohol and anxiety

Understanding the Relationship Between Alcohol and Anxiety

In today's fast-paced world, many individuals turn to alcohol as a means of relaxation and stress relief. However, what often…
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Self Assessment

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Wondering if your drinking or drug use has become harmful or problematic? Concerned that you may not be able to stop using now that you've started? Find out if you should consider an addiction treatment program using our free self-assessment tool.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Meta incorporate clients’ family into the treatment program?

Our staff believe that getting family involved whenever possible gives a person a greater chance at success. Our team knows that everyone’s journey is different, so if you would like to learn more, call us today to see how we can help you.

Does Meta offer aftercare support once I complete my program?

Meta does offer ongoing counseling and support. We believe that an aftercare support system helps you stay on the right track. Please call us today to find out more about our aftercare offerings.

Can I go to work or attend school while enrolled in Meta programs?

The team at Meta understands that life doesn’t get put on hold while attending treatment. Reach out to see if we can come up with a care plan that fits for you.

Can I attend Meta programs if I haven’t completed a residential addiction treatment program?

Every person’s recovery plan is unique. Contact us today to find out if Meta is the right fit for you.

Will my insurance cover Meta programs?

Meta accepts most major insurances

What Our Clients Say About Us

Read what our clients think about the transformative treatment at Meta.

Anna R


An absolutely wonderful and caring staff. I cannot say enough amazing things about the resources available and the welcoming environment. Facilitated me in rebuilding my life and gave me a sober foundation to live on.


Caitlyn R


The owners helped my loved one find not only his path in sobriety but also in life. Their methods are effective and safe and encourage those struggling to establish a sober lifestyle. They have become family to us.


Christian R


The facilities are really nice but what sets these guys apart is the staff. The owners played a huge part in helping my cousin get sober and continue to help him keep on the right path.


George M


The staff was a pleasure to be around and work with. They helped me through all of my trials and tribulations. Would recommend to anyone in need of help!

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