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Carly H

I had a family member that that was struggling with their addiction and was lucky enough to have found Meta! The staff and their dedication to recovery is beyond any expectation myself or my family could have ever imagined! Thank you all for your undying commitment to those who struggle with addiction!


The staff at this place is amazing. The care and consideration for each individual’s recovery is truly remarkable. From one on one therapy to group fellowship and collective strive towards progressive steps in life there is no comparison. Highly recommended.

Michael J

Great facility, and great staff!

Will G

Great experience! Thank you!

Loretta D

A close friend went to Meta and I have seen first hand how this center and the caring employees have helped push them in a positive direction and change their life for the better. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this place to anyone struggling with addiction.

Joshua H

Experienced and caring staff with an effective program of structure and action. Highly recommend.

Chris K

Cannot say enough good things about Meta. The warm atmosphere and outstanding staff provided a feeling of hope for the future. I came a broken man and was nurtured back to health physically, mentally, and Spiritually. A heartfelt thanks to everyone there for all of the help I received.

Ben G

Dillon, Ari and Ed were instrumental in my own recovery and 12 Step journey. Their skill, knowledge and expertise in this field are unparalleled.

I highly recommend Meta to anyone seeking a new life and a path to freedom and would send my loved ones there without a second thought. If you need help, please reach out and they will be with you every step of the way.

Brittany M

Meta Addiction is a wonderful facility with highly trained staff. The staff are dedicated to the job and passionate about what they do. The owners are a savings grace, helped a loved one get sober and showed him a life of sobriety and clarity.

M Rubino

Amazing facility and staff!! Helped a good friend of mine in so many ways thank you again!

Nik K

Place is top tier. Ari, Dillon and Ed are OG’s

Spencer E

It’s been long since I’ve seen the friendly faces over at MAT, but the thought of their smiles makes me beam. For the connection we have formed, no one makes me feel unconditional love like my family at Meta. Your words were like a smack to the face, forever keeping my head in the right direction. I’ll always be grateful for the lessons you helped me learn.

Katy M

People will NEVER forget how you made them feel, ESPECIALLY when you’re at your lowest! The genuine empathy, kindness, understanding, wisdom, and care that the staff at Meta have for those who are suffering , is unparalleled. My friend would not be alive today without Meta. This treatment center is a lifesaver for both addicts AND their family and friends!

Casey H

Amazing facility and amazing staff! The attention to the clients stands out more than any program I’ve been to. Dillon, Ed, and Ari are staples in the recovery community and go to any length to make sure that clients get the service and attention they need to succeed! They are on your side and will go above and beyond to make sure your stay is comfortable and productive!

Fred M

META Addiction treatment saved my life. From coming in the door as a broken and hopeless drug addict with nothing to offer anyone fast forward three months and I am able to be a father to my children, a spouse to my significant other, a son to my parents and overall just a decent human being. I would absolutely recommend META Addiction treatment to anyone feeling as hopeless and broken as I once was.

Corey R

Great program ran by even greater people. Highly recommend !


Ari and Ed helped my son through the darkness of addiction. I sincerely believe that without their skill, knowledge and expertise in the field, my son would not be where he is today. He is clean and sober, and owns and operates a successful company. He is successful in relationships with friends, and just got married to a wonderful woman.

All along he has sought to continue the 12 Step Program by going to meetings and looking to help others. He continues to be a devoted and dedicated Sponsor to anyone who asks for help towards their own sobriety.

I highly recommend Meta to anyone seeking a sober life. You will not be disappointed. These are people who have been there and know the way out. Please call them to move forward toward a life of health and happiness.

Thomas M

When I was at my lowest of lows Meta picked me up. They gave me the skills to return to a healthy productive lifestyle. To remain sober and face every day highs and lows the right way. I would recommend this to anyone looking to find new solutions to a better life.

Gage C

The team at Meta are the best there is. I have been in the recovery community in Massachusetts’s for some time now, and in that time I have been exposed to many addiction “professionals.” Unfortunately, in my experience, many of these professionals are in this industry for all the wrong reasons. Throughout my journey the owners, Dillon and Ed, have been the most influential advisors, supports and friends in my lives. I don’t only attribute much of my success to them, in all honesty I may not be alive today if it weren’t for these men. Today, I have the pleasure of calling these two men more than just friends or mentors, I consider them family. If I had a loved one in need of addiction treatment, there is no other place I would entrust with their care besides Meta.

Jordon H

First of all, I’d just like to say thank you Meta. You have truly changed my life.

I came to Meta completely desperate. I had been trying to get sober for a whole year, in and out of detox and CSS programs for the entirety of 2020. When I showed up at the door completely un-announced, they took me in, showed me the program, and helped me when I thought I was absolutely hopeless.

Meta goes above and beyond what I have seen at other places. The staff is amazing, I would call most of them friends at this point. The program itself is incredibly helpful, not just for sobriety but for learning and maintaining a good and healthy life socially, financially, physically, and more.

While in treatment at Meta was introduced to the 12 steps of AA by Casey and Steve. I had been introduced before, but the way they laid it out for me was different and made the process much more attractive to me.

I am now 5 months sober to the very day, something I never thought I could do, and I’m confident in my long term sobriety, something that I have never felt. On top of it all, I actually feel happy with life and where I am going.

Meta and the people that work there saved my life, my relationships, re-inspired my career path, and put me back on my feet. They helped rebuild the foundation that I am standing on today. I am eternally grateful for what Meta has done for me, and would recommend them to anyone who is struggling like I was.

Anna R

An absolutely wonderful and caring staff. I cannot say enough amazing things about the resources available and the welcoming environment. Facilitated me in rebuilding my life and gave me a sober foundation to live on.

Caitlyn R

The owners helped my loved one find not only his path in sobriety but also in life. Their methods are effective and safe and encourage those struggling to establish a sober lifestyle. They have become family to us.

Christian R

The facilities are really nice but what sets these guys apart is the staff. The owners played a huge part in helping my cousin get sober and continue to help him keep on the right path.

George M

The staff was a pleasure to be around and work with. They helped me through all of my trials and tribulations. Would recommend to anyone in need of help!