Professional Intervention Services in Massachusetts

If you are concerned about a loved one struggling with addiction and substance use, our professional intervention services team in Massachusetts can help you start a conversation about addiction treatment. Find out how we can help you take the next step.

Program Overview

If you have someone in your life with a substance use disorder or dependency, our professionally trained interventionists can help.

A professional intervention service is a multi-step process that culminates in an in-depth, honest conversation with a loved one about their addiction and substance use. When successful, interventions can help break the cycle of addiction and compel a person to attend a treatment program. They can also allow family members and friends to begin an honest, open dialogue with their loved one about the harm their addiction has caused themselves and others.

At Meta Addiction Treatment, we offer intervention services to families across the country. While our treatment program is headquartered in Massachusetts, you do not need to be located in our region to take advantage of our intervention services. We can conduct interventions in-person or via phone or video conference. Our team can also handle the logistics of the intervention process, including travel and accommodations as needed.

What to Expect During An Intervention

An intervention generally takes place with a small, carefully selected group of people who gather together to directly address a loved one struggling with addiction. The session itself will be closely moderated by the professional interventionist who has been trained in dealing with the emotions that may arise from the conversation, as well as common objections.

Prior to the intervention, the interventionist and their team will arrange for rapid admission into a treatment program should the person agree to seek treatment. This means there is no delay in getting your loved one the help they need, as well as little to no opportunity for your loved one to change their mind or return to substance use.

Why Choose Meta For Your Intervention

Our intervention program provides families and friends who are concerned about a loved one with structure and support during a difficult time. With the help of an interventionist, families can have difficult conversations with their loved one that actually produces tangible results.

Our intervention program includes:

  • Free initial consultation
  • Framework and structure for the intervention
  • Pre-arranged admission into a treatment program
  • Travel and logistics planning if necessary
  • In-person, phone, or video conference options
  • Nationwide availability

To find out if the Meta Addiction Treatment intervention service is right for you, call our team at (978) 776-3206.

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