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November 4, 2022

Best Qualities to Look for in an Addiction Treatment Center in MA

Best Qualities to Look for in an Addiction Treatment Center

Choosing to seek out or accept help for drug or alcohol addiction is the hardest step in the process. It’s difficult to look your problems and your responsibilities in the face and admit that you’re ready to begin the journey toward sobriety. When you’re looking for addiction treatment in Massachusetts, however, you want to know you’re getting quality care. 

Everyone’s journey to sobriety is different, and individuals have unique needs. However, some foundational qualities should be present in every addiction treatment facility. So, what should you look for in an addiction treatment center?

Qualities of a Successful Addiction Treatment Center in MA

If you find an addiction treatment center in Massachusetts that has all of these qualities, then you’re probably on the right track toward high-quality care that will set you or your loved one up for successful sobriety. 

A History of Success in Addiction Treatment in MA

Best Qualities to Look for in an Addiction Treatment Center in MAOf course, every addiction treatment center in Massachusetts has to start somewhere. But when you seek out a facility that has years or decades of success under its belt, you’re ensuring that you are partnering with a place that knows the ropes. They’ve worked out the kinks in their business model and the way their operations run. They know how to handle many types of patients and what to do in unique situations. 

Take the time to read reviews—including from places that aren’t on the company website. If you can, speak to real patients or family members who have experience at that facility. Make sure, too, that the facility is licensed and accredited by local and national agencies. They should also have specific accreditations in handling multiple types of addiction, such as alcohol, amphetamines, opioids, and narcotics. Make sure that the facility you’re exploring is well-vetted in your particular addiction(s). 


This doesn’t mean giving out information about past or current patients. Instead, it means giving you upfront facts and procedures about what will happen once you enter the facility, what life and procedures will be like when you’re there, what is expected of you, and what the staff will provide. 

If you get a strange feeling that things are being hidden, not talked about, or that your questions are being avoided, then that isn’t a good sign. On the other hand, if people answer your questions thoughtfully, address your concerns, and have quality information to back up what they’re saying, then you can feel good moving forward. Look for company history, reviews, and public records online, too, as these will often give you a fuller picture than what the staff might be able to provide. 

Professionalism in Addiction Treatment in MA

First off, every medical and mental health professional working at the facility should be adequately trained, certified, and background checked. These records are public and should be produced when you are researching the facility and asking your initial questions. You have the right to know who is treating you or your loved one. Best Qualities to Look for in an Addiction Treatment Center in MA

It’s also important that you get a professional feel when you are inside the facility. Does the “feel” on the website match what you get when you are there in person? Are staff members present, positive, and welcoming? Do you get the sense that the facility is run efficiently and effectively? Furthermore, are the patients treated with respect? These are all important qualities that will help build a complete picture of what an addiction treatment facility is like. 

Safety and Security

Addiction treatment is a serious business. Withdrawal and detox are difficult, painful, and often dangerous procedures. This is why professionalism is of the utmost importance, including the oversight of patients’ safety and security. What can the staff tell you about detox supervision and further care? How are different addictions handled and what is the procedure if a patient needs extra medical care? Is the facility maintained 24 hours a day, and by who? What happens if a patient tries to leave or becomes violent? All of these are situations that need to have a plan in place, for your or your loved one’s safety and that of the staff and other patients. 


Professionalism, safety, transparency, and a history of success are all fundamental elements of a successful addiction treatment center. However, compassion should be the undercurrent that flows beneath all of these. Everyone seeking addiction treatment in Massachusetts is unique—an individual with a right to honesty, empathy, and human kindness. When people are treated with compassion, they are more likely to open themselves up to treatment and feel safe enough to continue journeying toward sobriety. 


Many types of addiction treatment centers in Massachusetts have proven successful. The similar qualities that run through all of those facilities, though, help ensure the safety and security of patients and staff and provide an environment of trust, compassion, and professionalism, as well as a foundation for success for patients recovering from multiple types of addiction. 

[author] [author_image timthumb='on']/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/img-ed-480x572.jpg[/author_image]  [author_info]Reviewed by Ed Lepage, Executive Director

Ed Lepage completed the drug and alcohol certificate program at the University of Massachusetts Boston and has been working in the substance abuse dependency field for the past seven years. He has also worked extensively in peer recovery-based programs offering “real-world experience” to those that suffer from substance use dependency. Full Bio [/author_info] [/author]