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Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, Massachusetts has seen a major increase in substance use disorders. Just last year, overdose deaths reached record highs in the Bay State. At Meta Addiction Treatment, we see a growing need for addiction treatment centers across the state. That’s why we have expanded our treatment options by opening a new addiction treatment center in Haverhill, MA. If you or a loved one is suffering from a substance use disorder in Haverhill, we’re here to help. Read on to learn more about the addiction treatment services we now offer in Haverhill and how to pick the right services for your needs.

What Substance Use Disorders Do We Treat in Haverhill?

At our brand new Haverhill location, we treat clients suffering from a variety of substance use disorders. These include:

We also strive to meet the needs of any clients who have a dual diagnosis (also known as comorbidities). Many people who suffer from one or more substance use disorders also have another diagnosis, most commonly regarding mental health. In fact, an estimated 50% of individuals suffering from a substance use disorder also have a mental health disorder.

What Programs Are Available to Haverhill Residents?

Like all Meta Addiction Treatment in Massachusetts, we offer three different levels of treatment at our new Haverhill location. Let’s take a closer look at what those treatment programs are and who they benefit.


Our Haverhill MA Partial Hospitalization Program is the highest level of treatment we offer. PHP sessions last from 9 am to 3:30 PM every Monday through Friday. Most of our clients remain in PHP for two to four weeks.

PHP consists of 5 to 6 daily individual and peer recovery support groups that last around 45 minutes each. These support groups are led by Master’s-level clinicians and incorporate both CBT and DBT. This treatment program is ideal for patients who have completed a higher level of treatment.


Our Haverhill MA Intensive Outpatient Program is similar to our PHP program, and many of our clients move from PHP to IOP. That being said, we can also accommodate clients coming from other treatment centers in MA.

IOP sessions last from 9 am to 12:30 PM every Monday through Friday. Most of our clients remain in IOP for four to six weeks.


Our Haverhill MA Outpatient Program is ideal for clients who have graduated from more intensive treatment programs at Meta Addiction Treatment or elsewhere. Most of our outpatient sessions are held in the evening and last between 45 and 60 minutes.

There is no set start or end date for our outpatient treatment. Seeking ongoing drug rehab in MA or alcohol rehab in MA is a great way to continue to receive the support needed to avoid relapse.

Why Choose Meta Addiction Treatment in Haverhill, MA?

What sets Meta Addiction Treatment in Massachusetts apart? Why should you consider our new facility in Haverhill, MA? Let’s look at some of the qualifications and practices we take pride in.

We Accept Most Insurance Plans

All too often, we hear from clients and their family members about the struggle to afford addiction treatment. We accept major insurance plans, including Aetna, BCBS, Cigna, Tufts Health Plan and more. We strive to make our addiction treatment services in Massachusetts as accessible as possible.

Our Haverhill MA Addiction Treatment Staff Is Well Trained

At Meta Addiction Treatment in Haverhill, MA, our top priority is to provide our clients with quality care and addiction treatment services that are proven to work. That’s why we hire Master’s-level clinicians with educational and hands-on experience in research-based therapeutic methods. We also value continuing education and staying up to date on the latest addiction treatment practices, including holistic tools like meditation and mindfulness.

We Provide Individualized Addiction Treatment Plans

No two lives are exactly the same, which means that no two clients will have the exact same recovery journey. While we value peer-based therapy sessions for the community and the support it provides, we put an equal emphasis on individual recovery treatment. Our goal is to get to know every client, their history, their needs, and even their family members to provide care that will make a true difference.

We Continue to Help Our Clients After Treatment Is Finished

Our client support does not start and stop when clients enter into one of our addiction treatment programs. We offer free resources, such as self-assessment tests, to anyone who may need them. We also continue to help our clients after they’ve graduated from our treatment center.

We believe that it’s our duty to help our clients form long-term recovery and sobriety plans. We provide family counseling that involves teaching family members what post-treatment support can look like. We can also recommend sober living homes and free 12-step programs, and help clients find job placement to ensure a successful transition back out into the world.

Meta Addiction Treatment Is Here for Haverhill MA Residents in Need

Massachusetts residents are suffering as a result of the ongoing substance epidemic. We see you and we are here to help. That’s why we’ve opened a new facility for addiction treatment in Haverhill, MA.

To learn more about how we can help, contact us today. You can reach us online or by phone, and all of your information will be kept strictly confidential. Big journeys begin with small steps, and we look forward to helping you to take the first one.

Is outpatient treatment right for you or your loved ones? Our interactive self-assessment can help you find out.

Visit our PHP and IOP in Haverhill, MA

We will be happy to show you our luxury addiction treatment center in Haverhill, MA and see how our PHP and IOP programs can help you with drug and alcohol addiction.

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