Aristotle Nikolaou

VP of Community Relations

Aristotle Nikolaou, VP of Community Relations at Meta Addiction Treatment

Aristotle Nikolaou is a first-generation Greek-American who was born and raised on the North Shore of Massachusetts. He has successfully owned and operated many small businesses. Aristotle co-founded a non-profit organization that serves people specialized in recovery services for substance abuse in a peer-to-peer model. He has a strong passion for helping family members and loved ones that have seen their families hurt through the grips of addiction. Aristotle has had many prominent speaking engagements and has spoken at the Massachusetts State House on behalf of MOAR. Aristotle is a co-founder of Meta Addiction Treatment and serves as the VP of Community Relations.

Individualized treatment

Peer-to-peer support

Nutritional counseling

Master’s-level clinicians

Assistance in employment

Flexible program schedule

Family support program

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