Matt Simpson

Care Manager

Matt was born and raised in Massachusetts and has been working professionally in the substance abuse field for 5 years. He has extensive experience in working in multiple levels of care. He is a 12-step practitioner and makes an effort to work with those who suffer from addiction outside of work. Matt takes a compassionate approach to meet the clients where they are. He prides himself on helping clients achieve and maintain long term recovery. Matt also enjoys working to help the family unit heal along with the person who suffers addiction.

Individualized treatment

Peer-to-peer support

Nutritional counseling

Master’s-level clinicians

Assistance in employment

Flexible program schedule

Family support program

"A great thanks to Ari, Ed, and Dillon the creators of Meta Addiction Treatment! These men have become brothers and mentors in my life! Eight years ago, I was hopeless and lost but also ready to let go. I was lucky enough to be surrounded by these great guys and they gave me hope that I could be okay! I took the suggestions these men gave me, believing and putting my faith in their hands. What they told me led me to where I am today. I am Eight years clean and sober with a wife, three beautiful kids, and a successful business! Thanks to these gentlemen and the process they lead me to, I am now someone who can be relied upon and helpful to others!"

Luke N.

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