Dillon Eaton

Director of Business Development

Dillon Eaton has been immersed in the substance abuse field for over 11 years. He is a founder of Warren House and has also been involved in the creation of many coalitions and scholarship funds designed to help people get the treatment that they need. Dillon has traveled around the country speaking to doctors, law enforcement officers, teachers and other professionals to help end the stigma of addiction and to bring his unique experience to help end the opioid epidemic. The knowledge and experience that Dillon brings to the table allow him to help people in crisis find the best possible treatment plan possible. Dillon himself is a 12-step practitioner and his strong sense of empathy helps him understand what you or your loved ones may be going through. Dillon is a founder of Meta Addiction Treatment and also serves on the frontlines as the Director of Business Development.

Individualized treatment

Peer-to-peer support

Nutritional counseling

Master’s-level clinicians

Assistance in employment

Flexible program schedule

Family support program

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