Low Income Housing for Women Dallas

Low Income Housing for Women Dallas

As you search online for low income housing for women in Dallas, please keep The Gatehouse in mind and contact us with any questions. We provide a way out of abusive relationships and offer women a wealth of resources to get them on their feet and enable them to become self-sustainable, productive members of society. If you’re living in an unhealthy environment and need a safe haven for you and your children, get in touch with our staff today by calling 817-912-0317. We don’t offer women a hand out- we provide a hand up to a better life.

3 Reasons to Choose The Gatehouse For Low Income Housing- And More

1. If you need to break away from an abusive relationship, you may be concerned about the costs of finding a place for you and your children to live while you get on your feet. While our women’s crisis center is not just a shelter for women, we do provide assistance in finding low income housing for women in Dallas and surrounding communities.

We understand that for a women’s support center to do the most good, it must be able to meet the needs of its clients. We want the Dallas community to know that we’re so much more than just a domestic violence shelter- we help women from all walks of life find their bearings in the work environment, find full-time employment, and start building savings for a stable future.

2. The Gatehouse offers help for abused and battered women who need a safe house away from toxic lifestyles. If you and your children are trapped in a home where you’re not loved, and provided for, or are physically abused, you may need help from an outside resource to muster up the courage to leave. We can offer counseling at The Gatehouse to encourage you to take the first step in leaving behind a dangerous life.

3. Our resources include addiction treatment for women. If you thought there was nowhere to turn for help dealing with an addiction, there’s good news for you- The Gatehouse is here for you when you’re ready to make a lasting change and leave addiction in your past forever.

Finding safe housing during recovery may seem overwhelming, especially if you don’t have access to financial resources. You needn’t worry about anything besides getting yourself into rehab; the first step is reaching out to The Gatehouse.

Explore the details of our program by visiting The Gatehouse online. Whether you’re searching for low income housing for women in Dallas, counseling to help you get out of an abusive situation, or community resources that will enable you to become permanently self-sustainable, The Gatehouse is the only crisis center you’ll need to call.

Apply for assistance now through our website, message our team, or call our helpline at 817-912-0317. We’ll help you create an action and safety plan that will protect you and your children from an abuser while you work to improve your quality of life.

Low Income Housing for Women Dallas

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Low Income Housing for Women Dallas

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