April Rickard, LMHC

Clinical Director

April Rickard, LMHC, serves as the Clinical Director for Meta Addiction Treatment. April has diverse clinical experience which includes working with youth, adolescents, young adults, adults, families, dual diagnosis programming and takes a person centered approach in working with individuals in substance addiction recovery. April has provided services for individuals in emergency room crisis settings as well as with individuals receiving services through the Department of Children and Families, the Department of Youth Services and the Department of Mental Health. April has extensive training in DBT, CBT, Motivational Interviewing, and Seeking Safety. Throughout her 17 years in the field of mental health, she has been able to work with the following clinical populations: Major Mental Illness, Substance Abuse, Co-Occurring Disorders, Personality Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, Depressive Disorders, Trauma, Eating Disorders, Problematic Sexual behaviors and co-occurring disorders of Major Mental Illness and Substance Addiction. April also has lived experience as a family member of those in recovery from mental health and substance addiction disorders bringing a passion and personalized drive to support individuals going through their recovery as well as with supporting their families through the healing process.